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Polish Market – lipiec 2019

The 4th edition of the „Health First” programme

Hearing disorders are increasingly referred to as diseases of civilisation. Tlie development of the modern civilisation is associated with all encompassing noise, the use of earphones and frequently prescribed ototoxic drugs, which means that the number of people with various hearing problems is growing drastically. That is why hearing screening and health-oriented education are so important for each of us. The latest program me which can help promote screening tests and shaping pro-health attitudes in Polish society, is the Multidisciplinary All-Year Programme for the Prevention of Diseases of Civilisation and Health Support for Poles „Health First.” This programme, which is implemented jointly with numerous experts from various ftelds of med ici ne, as well as Polish Television and Polish Radio, encompasses the world’s longest diagnostic trail, and the largest preventive medicine project in Poland.


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